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the water rises higher, i guess i might just have to swim - i fell in love and i needed a road map [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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the water rises higher, i guess i might just have to swim [Aug. 25th, 2007|10:28 am]
[music |hooray for the riff raff]

it seems like suddenly my mind and my body realized how fast my heart and this world have been moving.
its not depression because i am not sad. its like. this strange grown up feeling.
like the first time i had a crush, felt those butterflys, or the first time i had my heart broken.
my comparisons are not to say that this feeling is emotionally the same, but instead it is the foreign feeling that leaves your frusterated and inspired at the same time.

if the rocking chair dont get me,
that old corn liquor will.
oh. here it comes..

ive been back and forth from my home in nola all summer. im ready to be rooted again and not leave for a while. many many things to do today, i take the time out im not sure why. for whom, im not sure why. me i think. its been a long time since ive sat and listened to music and let myself ramble. its a good feeling but. i know i am wasting time.....ohhhh here it comes. ohh here it comes.
sittin here waitin for the sun.