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i drove to new york - i fell in love and i needed a road map [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i drove to new york [Apr. 22nd, 2008|11:16 pm]
i once fell in love with a city called new orleans.
it took me maNY MANY MANY different places.
some were calm. some were NOT CALM.
some were naked......some were so clothed.
some were beautiful.
some hurt a lot.
some still hurt a lot.
once i fell in love.
she was sweet and kind and i never wanted to believe that we would be anything other than...
what we were. i wanted to see our live together and that was it.
but eh things change.
once i fell close to love.
he was. god. i have no words.
he was smart and funny and knew how to do a lot of things.
and he was beautiful and sad and i could hold him.
and i knew he felt safe.
and then it got crazy.
i fucked up our relationship.
and then.
someone else made it worse.
im nervous to see him.
i would.
but i liked him. a lot.
we slept in parking lots..........
i was in love
i made a lot of mistakes..in my mind.
its funny i havent listened to sufjen in a lot time. lj makes me think of him
...................you got it.